Philip Yanni – CEO

Starting with a BSE from the University of Pennsylvania Mr. Yanni went on to start three software companies acting as founder and CEO at two of them.  Most recently as CEO a $2M/Year business was turned into a $20M software company with a 17% EBITDA.  These achievements were based on focus on the product and extremely effective financial management.  The successful management of a rapidly growing start-up is never easy, but extensive use of forecasting models were used to project and control cash flow while enabling tight controls on all costs.

Mr. Yanni’s experience as an entrepreneur has included finding markets for existing products, and developing new products that fit between the seams of existing markets.  Previous companies were made successful by maximizing the use of Knowledge Integration techniques. Combining the disparate expertise of a wide range of individuals with a software system that had unique capabilities, resulted in a product offering that ten years later still leads the marketplace.

To Mr. Yanni, Atlantique Events is a prime example of knowledge integration. There are many discriminators in the company, but the true platform for growth will come from combining shared expertise, a passion for the automotive industry, in-depth experience in social networking, special event planning, and sound financial management.

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